Distractions – Scams & Low Life

News both in the Peterborough Telegraph™ & the Cambs Times™ and forever on here…
Almost daily dozens receive scam mail, much of it ‘looks’ genuine.
Distraction at the doorstep happening regularly.

It relates to an unexpected telephone call in which the caller stated their name was Jessica and they were calling on behalf of CLAIMS.NET Ltd (PPI related company).
The number displayed on the caller ID 02393880028

The caller was described as having a strong eastern European accent.

Not only did the scammer know the name of the person they were calling, but they had knowledge of a genuine PPI claim they had made. (It is not known how they obtained this information) The scammer asked for an email address so a PPI claim form could be sent to them, signed and then returned.

The suspect email address ended @yandex.ru

It was only after a series of emails and telephone calls that the intended victim thought to check the Financial Conduct Authority website which warns people of PPI related scams. They knew what to do when the scammers called again.

Always be alert to any unexpected communication. Text, telephone, email, instant message, mail.
Just because someone knows your name does not mean they are genuine.
We are up against organised criminal gangs from all of the world, with technical means to steal information and use it against us.
If in doubt, invite the caller to write to you, but don’t give them your address.

Criminals will play on your emotions, it is urgent, you need to act now, the police will arrest you, bailiffs will take property, you have to act now, prizes, money, wins.
Two types of telephone, the one when you recognise the callers voice and the other type in which you don’t recognise the voice, and if you don’t, then assume they could be absolutely anyone.

If in doubt, always contact the caller using a previously tried, tested and trusted means. Use a different phone if possible, to the one you took the suspicious call on.
Always check there is a genuine dial tone, criminals can use a recording of a dial tone to fool people when the line has actually been left open.

If necessary, unplug the phone from the socket for a few minutes, reconnect, check for dial tone.
If you have not already looked at www.haveibeenpwned.com then have a look and enter your email address in the search bar and see if criminals already have your email address.

STOP – Take a moment to stop and think before parting with money or information about yourself.
CHALLENGE – Could it be fake? It is ok to reject, refuse or ignore any request.
PROTECT – Contact your bank immediately if you think you have fallen for a scam. Then report to Action Fraud.

Mr Nigel Sutton 8517
Cyber Protect Officer

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