No I Am Not ‘Loving It’

I am not a vegan or vegetarian but my aversion to ‘Fast Food’ is the amount of ‘rubbish’ some people insist on leaving after they have enjoyed their food.

I have been campaigning for the best part of 20 years for a better way of addressing this blight. Yesterday I went to Orton Mere for a hour of ‘rest’ only to find the place strewn with those ‘Happy Meal’© packaging. No I am not picking up ‘litter’ for Peterborough there is plenty here in our area including plenty of ‘Fast Food; containers.
Why can our Governoment (busy at present) learn from other countries,
(many third world) who are addressing this issue.

If a ‘Tax’ was to be placed on every part of the packaging, this would off-set the cost of clearing it up, administering anything that comes back and recycling costs….simple…
Those who enjoy their ‘Happy Times’ I am sure will be quite ‘Happy’ to pay 50p extra.

I am a ‘big man’ but am ‘Happy’ to say I only have one Mac a year….. I maybe have more than one ‘Macallan’ a year though…!

Besides the ‘traffic jams’ caused in the Boongate area when MacD opened up, I am pleased to read that they (in Peterborough) appear to try and do their best to clean up.
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