We Are All In This Together – Questions!

My ‘essential’ journeys are on behalf of our elderly, vulnerable, and many self isolating, along with a very dedicated ‘core’ group of Neighbourhood Watch ‘volunteers.
We DO NOT go out every day.

I just find it far too busy everywhere when I go out – is everyone on essential duties.
The traffic in/around and passing through ‘appears’ near normal at times – or am I imagining it all.

Yesterday my correspondent informs me there were over 150 vehicles waiting for their ‘Click & Collect’ at B&Q (with a police presence) – today at 1pm there were well over a hundred waiting for up to 2 hours – I dare say many are taking advantage of good weather and time off. The B&Q staff directing people into the car park, wore no protective clothing and expected the customer to open their window so they could ‘engage at a short distance’ to inform them of the pending delay….there was 3 builder types on a hoist nearby working away in very close proximity to one another.

As reported last week ‘we’ have a resident who shops twice a day every day because they have always done that and see no reason what-so-ever NOT too do so now.

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