We Are All In This Together – Another Good Deed Indeed…

Scott McKenna of Elite Supplements on Broad Street shared the following….

For the last 3 weeks I have been doing close protection for the NHS workers at Royal Papworth hospital, protecting them against the verbal, physical abuse, people trying to steal there passes, and trying to break in and steal uniforms.

As this is the leading hospital in heart and lungs they are receiving high numbers of Covid-19, working with these marvellous people for 12 hours a day for 14 days solid, I have found that these people are doing a fantastic job.

What I am doing is collecting Easter eggs for them, not expensive ones, I will be in myshop tomorrow from 11-4 – If you like to donate a egg, the door will be locked as just one in and one out, or there is an address in Cardea you can drop this off. I will be working from Thursday right through to next week and would like to give back.
I understand it isn’t local but already seen people from whittlesey go into hospital there.

Many thanks Scott 

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