I Thought We Were All In This Together – Wrong

Today I received 4 requests from self isolating residents for their medications to be collected and delivered, unfortunatley there was no NHW coordinators in the area’s, so I decided Connie & I would facilitate the requests.
I remained in the car throughout and she wore protective clothing.

I was somewhat ‘extremely’ surprised by the number of people on the streets of Whittlesey, all appearing to be on essential business.
There was 8 people waiting outside the Norwich & Peterborough all at safe distancing.
Heron & Savers had plenty of customers.

I could take off photo’s from my dash-cam – but would probably be violating someone’s human rights.
Either I am wrong, the Government advice is wrong, Scientific prognosis is wrong, but it looks very much like many appear to be ‘on holiday’.

There were several groups of what looked like families or friends, that were in close proximity to one another.

Well at least we have done our good deed for today….

I can only keep on – with the advice we are being given –

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