More Confused Signage

I really does take some doing!!! from a correspondent…
I could add its takes some incompetence to deliver like below.

You will be aware of the road alterations being carried out at the Ponders Bridge turn up near Park Farm. The road closure also includes closing off the cycle track at that junction. This cycle track is part of the Green-Wheel, which goes under the A605 road at the Ponders Bridge junction area and continues right around Peterborough. I decided to have a look at the diversion that has been made for cyclist. When I arrived at the tunnel under the A605 I found a barrier closing the track with a map showing the diversion. Unfortunately the map, supplied by Highways, was fixed to the barrier upside down which made trying to identify the diversion route almost impossible to follow. I informed Sustrans who are going to contact Peterborough Highways, I don’t hold out for much hope. I’ll attach a photo if I can of the upside down map which cannot be read!!!

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