Message from Whittlesea Station Adopter….

Received from Cllr Eamonn Dorling…
I received the following from our long standing station adopter who works tirelessly promoting our station, we could assist his efforts by responding to his request:

Did you see the link that I put on facebook for a survey by East Midlands Trains.
Click Here

It would be useful if all the councillors completed this so that East Midlands Trains know the strength of feeling in Whittlesey.
East Midlands are about to change all their time-tables so the survey/questionnaire presents us with a good opportunity to persuade them to stop more of their trains at Whittlesea. At the moment only one East Midlands train stops each day.
(the 0812 to Liverpool), the rest pass straight through.

I was at a meeting recently where the East Midlands representative (Donna Adams) was asking us to complete the questionnaire, so she was keen for us to express our views.

Even 2 or 3 more stops per day would be a great benefit, especially if it was during rush hour periods. Tea time is particularly bad with no connection from Ely after the 1700 GA departs meaning that there is no possibility of people commuting home from Cambridge.
We also have a 2 hour gap from Peterborough as there is a 1750 departure from Peterborough but then a gap until the 1950. This means that most people who commute to London have no connection once they arrive in Peterborough, so they have to drive to Peterborough and park.

Thanks for your support Eamonn!, we will keep fighting until we succeed!
From Geoff

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