Flood Warning Remains In Effect For B1040

Some people are getting ‘confused’ between the two sets of warnings – even though maps showing the effected roads are being shown!!! see below this warning other concerns.

B1040 Thorney to Whittlesey Road to the South of the River Nene
Flooding is expected – immediate action required.
The Whittlesey Wash flood storage reservoir is being operated to protect nearby communities from flooding. The water levels remain high in the Wash and this will continue to result in flooding of the B1040 road. Whilst the Flood Warning is in force, the Local Authority may close the B1040 for safety reasons. Diversionary routes will be put in place and further updates will be available through local media.

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Irresponsible person/s removed the locks on both flood gates at East Delph & Whittlesey side of the Dog-in-a-Doublet Bridge over night.

At the moment sitting water remains on sections on the B1040 and CCC Highways haven’t cleared any of the debris that has been deposited on the road from ongoing flooding.

This has placed innocent drivers at risk, vehicle insurance will be null & void plus and prosecution from the Police as the Road Closure signage clearly indicates the B1040 is closed due to flooding.
I have just spoken to CCC Emergency Highways Team – they were alerted by Mick at the Dog-in-a-Doublet Sluice Gates having raised the alarm and knowing the anticipated amount of water entering Whittlesey Washes today.
CCC Highways are tasked with ensuring Highways remain closed and at no risk to human life when they receive an order from the Environment Agency.
CCC Highways are now considering returning to using a crane and installing concrete blocks in the future – this could mean Whittlesey Wash section of the B1040 will be closed before the indicated time of predicted flooding and in turn the clearance operation will take longer before the highway can be reopened to traffic.

This morning CCC Highways are looking to see if the locks can be replaced, all providing the gates are not damaged. If not, the only option is to mobilise a crane and install concrete blocks as from experience certain drivers completely ignore warning tapes & cones by removing.

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