Be Very Careful As Christmas Approaches – Skims & Scams

The intended victim (IV) received a call on their landline.

The caller stated their name was Christopher Williams and that they were from Visa Verification.
The caller asked to speak with the wife of the IV (so the caller already knew the name and telephone number prior to calling)
Neither the IV or his wife have a Visa bank card so alarm bells sounded immediately.

The caller confirmed the card in question was in the name of the intended victims wife.
The caller wanted to confirm that the following transactions had indeed been made by the intended victims wife using the Visa card.

Netflix £17 for 1 year
John Lewis £37
Argos for £40
H&M ?

Of course they hadn’t because they don’t have a Visa card.
The call was terminated.

The IV then dialled 1471 and noted that the suspect number had a local STD code of 01223, the number was dialled but unavailable. Remember from previous emails I have sent, the number displayed does not necessarily mean it is genuine it is most likely a very different number that originated from over the internet.

The IV called Visa Verification on a UK number 0800 891725.

They confirmed that Visa would never ring a customer in such circumstances.
They confirmed that they were aware of this type of scam.

For further information about avoiding scams, please visit and

Please warn family and friends, scam calls ARE being made across Cambridgeshire on a regular basis. To report fraud or computer crime contact Action Fraud.

Mr Nigel Sutton 8517
Fraud and Cyber Security Advisor.
Cambridgeshire Constabulary Headquarters, Hinchingbrooke Park.

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