Phew – Would You Believe It !!!!! 2,500 Postings….

Another statistic reached today, with now some 2,500 posts placed on this Web-Blog and over
million hits since I first started ‘informing’ the electorate in what was St Mary’s Ward Whittlesey.

As I have said on many occasions, only 40% is to do with Council business, the rest is community information –

‘Facts’ not fiction – ‘Real News’ – not ‘Fake News’…..

Myself with Cllr Ray Bisby (Stanground South) – now the intrim appointed Police & Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire. Ray & I have met on occasions exchangings concerns and issues which affect us – especially his Council Ward covering Cardea.
I have said that talking with Ray is like a breath of fresh air – he is open and transparent.

The sometimes fictional world of ‘Social Media’ can cause many issues and problems.
It would ‘appear’ that the downfall of Ex PCC Jason Ablewhite was caught in ‘remarks’ he may have made on Social Network(s).

I too have to be very careful of my facts, and have said on many occasions – am accountable for what I say and publish – it is not as easy as some may think.

The testament is 2,500 posts and million hits.
I hope I can keep informing a bit longer (not for ever).

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