07:52 North Bank Open – Flood Warning No Long In Effect

This is a message from the Environment Agency.

Flood Warning no longer in force: North Bank Road alongside the River Nene, east of Peterborough and west of Dog-in-a-Doublet Sluice.

The situation is improving and no further flooding is expected in this area.Flood Warnings and Alerts may still be in force for surrounding areas.

Levels in the River Nene are beginning to fall following rainfall last week. No further impacts from tide lock where combined high tide and river levels are expected.
Levels are forecast to continue to fall and the river levels and height of the high tides are no longer likely to lead to localised flooding at North Bank Road.
The Local Authority will open the North Bank Road and remove diversionary routes when it is safe to do so and further updates will be available through local media.

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