Conned…Out of Life Savings

Please read the following BBC© news article, makes for sad reading but let us alert others through our works so they do not fall victim.

“I felt devastated, absolutely devastated and so guilty. My life collapsed really”.
Cynthia Tuck remembers the moment she realised she had been conned out of her life savings, and those of her late husband, George.

She’d become one of dozens of victims of a sophisticated, organised scam offering hugely over-valued coloured diamonds as “investments”.

But realising she’d been conned wasn’t the end of Cynthia’s misery. A three-year fight for justice – involving five different police forces and multiple investigations – would ultimately lead nowhere.Cynthia and her family have been feeling nothing but anger, resentment and frustration towards the justice system because the people who were involved in the scam got off scot-free.

No charges. No trial. No justice.

Many thanks
Fraud and Cyber Security Advisor
Cambridgeshire Police

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