Cambs Highways Open Day

I appreciate that day-time meetings/events means those who work can not attend, however only 8 people attended, including (myself) 3 Councillors.
It was very interesting and informative to ‘see it’ from the workers/management side of the many different parts to the Highways.

In quite cramped conditions within Port-a-Cabins the site in March is quite large.
One of the important aspects conveyed to me – was ‘reporting’ of issues, usual for many to complain but if the Highways are not aware of an issue – they can not address and do something about it….
Similar to many organisations, there is many ways to do so….
So my 3 hours was well spent and we covered many aspects….I did ask some very leading and difficult questions…
A typical subject Pot Holes…. don’t we all love them…..
Of course is ‘issue’ of finance and its limitations was covered.

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