KD Crossing – Cllr Count Video – Could this be Damage Limitation

I will make some further comment after viewing the video in more detail, that CCC leader Steve Count has published on Cambs YouTube… Whilst I may accept Cllr Count ability to try and mitigate the problems of the KD Bridge project away from the County Council purely onto Kier the would be constructors…..
This could also be seen as a very clever ploy to what seems to be a

‘Damage limitation exercise’ on behalf of Cllr Count our own County Councillors Bowden and Connor plus the somewhat discredited County Council themselves.
(see previous article CCC & Lessons will/must be learnt)

I wondered ‘when’ the blame culture would start – and it has already begun.
Whittlesey residents will make up their own minds and opinions on how this project has been handled, I have reported on this project since 2013 and have been very fair and factual given the limited information that was given to me/us.

I very much welcome Cllr Steve Count coming at long last to Whittlesey to meet with the residents – Thank You….

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