Whittlesea Railway Station Consultation – A Letter from Mr Steve Robertson

The maximum length of a Letter to RG’s Web-Blog is 500 words.
Letters to RG’s Web-Blog may be edited for length and clarity.
RG’s Web-Blog will print no more than one letter per writer per month.
RG’s Web-Blog will only print letters that address a specific issue theme or article.
I will not print material that is:
Potentially libelous.

Libel is any unsubstantiated or untrue statement that damages someone else’s reputation. You can disagree with someone, but you can’t claim they did something damaging unless you can prove it.
Discriminatory on any grounds
This includes discrimination based on age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion or culture.
This includes any statement that is vulgar, profane or offensive.
This includes personal attacks, intimidation, bullying or threat of harm against a person or organization.
Letter from SR
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