Good Neighbours – Not So Good neighbours

This afternoon at The Hermitage Fete – another excellent event – Parking Wars started again in Whittlesey. The Silver Renault parked on Double Yellow Lines (No Disabled Card Visible) directly in front of a residents entrance. When said resident could not easily access or enter his property he not only blocked the Renault from behind – he got a ‘friend’ to block the Renault from the front…..

Now who is right and who is wrong….the answer is ‘both’
The Renault is known to live only a couple of streets away – why park on double yellows (No Disabled Card Visible) blocking the entrance.
The Householder who is blocked could just squeeze into his driveway with some difficulty

Why not just put a polite notice on the Renault windscreen explaining is problem/issue…..
This what is now regular ‘Cowboy Parking’ which was raised at FDC’s meeting on Wednesday and reported in the Cambs Times.

Has the two ‘illegal’ vehicles on Station Road yet been addressed (reported on several occasions) been removed – NO (as of today)

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