Letter to MP Barclay – Concerned Resident – KD Crossing

As I have said on many occasions, the more people who lobby our MP the better, spend a couple of minutes of your valuable time and let him know your/our feelings…

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From a member of the public….

Dear Mr Barclay,

I listened to you on the Jeremy Vine Show. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview.
I am writing about the above as have grave concerns about accountability on this never ending project

Mayor Palmer has now released two statements to the press stating that the combined Authority can release no more funding and asks the question does Cambridgeshire County Council want the authority to take the running of the project over .
Yet CC Boden quite clearly stated at last weeks Whittlesey Town Council that the Combined Authority have been involved with the project for the last 2 years

Meanwhile costs have escalated so now kier have been “thrown off” the contract in order for ccc to put the proposed bridge back out to tender.
Is anybody actually going to be held accountable for this ridiculous debacle?

Reports state costs have escalated because of the high costs of piling The Star Pit.
Investigation of the land involved is fundamental to any construction project not just a large one like this.

Why has it taken so long for this matter of piling costs to come to light?
I understand there is also a large amount of asbestos to be removed too elsewhere on the site.
Now we have acres of derelict land as we drive into Whittlesey which no doubt cost the hardworking ratepayer a few million pounds along with the environmental hazard of Saxon Pit.
I again ask who is responsible for this mess and waste of taxpayers money the ccc cannot place the blame in Kiers hands there must be a project management team somewhere in the County Council who have not been monitoring the scheme properly!

Kind Regards…..

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