Todays Consultation on Future Transport Plans

I was extremely pleased that over 75% of those attending (and there were a few) found out about this meeting/consultation via this/my web-blog…..

I am also pleased to say, Cllr’s Dorling, Wicks, Bristow and Davies were there between 3pm and 5pm, the Library staff attempted to close the library at 5pm, even though the event was advertised to run until 8pm…..after some confusion the Library staff decided on advice to remain open and would be sending someone from Wisbech to stay until 8pm – again miscommunication.
There were consultants from the Combined Authority running the event…..although Whittlesey/Fenland only features in a somewhat minor part of the overall scheme.

I spoke at length with the lead consultant #Andrew# about the many challenges Whittlesey is and has been experiencing for decades.

Bridge/Railway/Railway Station/A605/Infrastructure/Bus/Smart Transport/Tourism –
is what I both questioned and made the consultants aware of…..What did YOUR councillor ask!!!!!…. if they of course attended.

Good to see ex candidate John Reading at the meet-up – shows a great interest.  

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