Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Dear – Not Looking Good Whittlesey..!!!!

The unhealthiest places to live in Cambridgeshire have been revealed.

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The ‘report’ states that Whittlesey is a VILLAGE – so if the authors can’t get that right it makes one wonder how accurate the rest of it is…

Both the healthiest and unhealthiest places to live in Cambridgeshire have been revealed.
The data shows every location in the county and rates it using various statistics such as the air quality, number of fast food places, number of GPs and number of pubs for example.
However the data doesn’t reflect the healthiness of the people living in each area.
Many of Cambridgeshire’s villages were ranked as ‘very unhealthy’ because they have a high quantity of pubs and fast food restaurants, but lack services such as GPs and dentists nearby.

Some of the county’s larger towns scored better, some did not however.
Believe it – Wisbech has better parts than Whittlesey – Too many Pubs…should have been here when we had 52

What each colour means:-
Blue – Places which are coloured blue are considered to be the ‘most healthy’
Red – Red areas are the areas which the data considers to the ‘least healthy’
Yellow – And areas which are yellow, rank somewhere in between.

Whittlesey, a village on the outskirts of Peterborough was not ranked as one of Cambridgeshire’s least healthy areas.

The entire village was in the worst performing percentile.
According to the CDRC data it scored badly for not having many health services or things to do entertainment wise.
Air quality was also in the worst percentile. It did get points back for not having too many off-licences, but scored badly for the number of betting shops, pubs and fast food places.


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