WTC Meeting – Wednesday 10th July Report Part III – Corrected

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

Other Items discussed :-

1/ The ‘new’ Town Council Offices…. a discussion and vote took place on the name of the ‘new’ building – which is to be called ‘Peel House’ – I did not vote as I and most people know, locally it will be called either – The Old Police Station or Whittlesey Town Council Offices…..The building is on time for completion 20th August, hand-over scheduled for 29th August.
A public viewing day (10am – 12am) 28th September and the official opening on 29th September.

2/ There was a lengthy discussion about ‘Plastic and single use bottles being used at Council and it’s premises – After last months Cambs Times letter by Dave Lewis questioning our Council about Water & Bottles, I was disappointed that ‘only’ 5 or the 13 Councillors present (including myself) brought with them their own re-usable bottles, one Councillor informs me he doesn’t drink water – that still leaves 7 who appear not to be bothered.

3/ Parking & EV facilities at the ‘New’ Offices – well there is to be NO disabled parking facility, even though the Police Station had one, the property working group deemed it not required (legally this is correct) – however I have asked them to reconsider their decision on a number of points.

Correction from Cllr David Mason – reference Parking/EV Point.

It is extremely unlikely that our new tenants will be in possession of motor vehicles.
Similarly, the proposed electrical vehicle charging point issue is being blown out of proportion in that it is of a minor priority. The intention is not to provide any Councillor with a personal service but to extend this service to anybody again who attends the offices on legitimate business and may wish to charge their vehicle up whilst they are conducting that business.
I would therefore wish to correct Cllr Gerstner’s comments on his blog today that electric vehicle charging points are not being considered. This is totally incorrect as will be witnessed on the WTC website, in the Whittlesey Festival Programme, the official minutes of last night’s meeting and more importantly in the agreed specification for the premises.
The parking bollards that were mentioned last evening will be situated in such positions as to prevent unauthorised parking and can be removed to allow authorised access which may or may not allow that person to charge up their vehicle.

4/ Next year’s LHI (Local Highways Improvements) were again discussed and it was proposed and accepted by a vote that a ‘Zebra Crossing’ on Station Road near the Manor Leisure entrance be applied for and that ‘Double Yellow Lines’ in the vicinity of Church Street & Park Lane be applied for.

5/ The was an update from Cllr Bristow regarding Whittlesea Railway Station – nothing mentioned about the recently added ‘Parking Machine’

6/ Cllr Boden brought update on Road repairs…

I am Roy Gerstner (Independent) – A Community Activist
for the Whittlesey Town Council Ward of St Marys South.
My contact details are on the top toolbar.
I do own a Hybrid Car – and do not expect ‘free electricity’
I charge mine at home and pay my own electricity bills

E&OE – on the rare occasion I may make an error/mistake – I am pleased to make corrections pointed out to me – thank you.
©Roy Gerstner.


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