Serious Time for MP Barclay to Call Cambs CC to Account

Today everyone and his dog has had ‘disappointment’ in the news about the ‘Cost & Delay’ to the Kings Dyke Crossing. Only this Wednesday night as reported on my web-blog – County Councillor David Connor had NO update on the project other than as todays statement from CCC that ‘It was still in the design stage’ – this has been the stock answer for months and months and months – remember the project started in 2013.

I having been reporting on the project since it’s latest incarnation (2013), with todays news, I am many others believe not only has Cambs County Council seriously mismanaged the complete project, but it should be time now to hold those responsible to account, whether it be Councillors or those employed to deliver the project.

We have had brave Councillors who promised to deliver the project on time and on budget!!!!!

I for once agree with Metro Mayor James Palmer – someone has to get a serious grip on this, we minions at WTC have very little influence or power unfortunately – but I will continue to Lobby hard on behalf of ALL of Whittlesey.

We started at £13M, then £21M, then £28M, then £31M and now ‘somewhere’ near £40
The longer the delay the more the project will cost.

MP Barclay and Mayor Palmer have the ‘power’ to call the County Council to account.

When the LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) started to become uncontrolled MP Barclay had a big influence in its closing.

From the purchase of land (which a local Chartered Surveyor advised it should have been compulsory purchased) – Why did not the CC employ a specialist Project Management Company with experience in this type of Build, the company could be held to account and costs.

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