Dog Walkers Are Fairly Responsible – Most of the Time





(2018 ) Whittlesey Town Council, Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch and Fenland District Council have joined forces for the initiative, which aims to encourage owners to clean up after their pets in a non-confrontational and friendly way.

More than 50 dogs were registered for the community-led scheme at its launch in the Market Place earlier this month, and even more have signed up since.

Whittlesey is the second Fenland community to adopt the Green Dog Walkers programme, following its launch in Wimblington seven months ago. To date it has been adopted by over 40 councils nationwide, and has proved hugely successful in reducing dog fouling issues.

Dog owners who sign up to the scheme pledge to always pick up after their four-legged friends, carry extra dog waste bags, be happy to provide other dog walkers with waste bags and highlight any problem areas to Fenland District Council.

Photo’s © Acknowledgment FDC

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