Oh Dear It’s Happened Again & Again

Yes It Happens Every Day – Scammed/Spammed/Hacked       My Post on the 01st June

Obviously at least 4 people in Whittlesey that I have been made aware of have not or do not read my web-blog, had they have done so, they WOULD NOT have ‘clicked’ on the Hacked link contained in the bogus e-mail.
Now there is potential for the 4 people’s e-mail address lists to also be ‘Hacked’ – plus potentially a number of other I am not aware of or been told about.

I thought these ‘simple’ scam messages were well known about – but that can not be the case.
DO NOT ‘click’ or open attachments where you are unsure of the source of the e-mail.
Winning the Lottery when you have NOT bought a ticket is pretty basic – but believe it people do so….
Play safe on line – there is plenty of information on the net.

If you want a copy of this booklet, they are available (free) at Whittlesey Library.
If you can not get to the Library – I can supply and deliver (free – locally)

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