The Whittlesey Mud Walls AGM

On Wednesday 5th June @ 10:30 The AGM of The Whittlesey Mud Walls Group will take place. The Group have been very successful in their publishing and documenting all the remaining Mud Walls in/around Whittlesey + 1 in Eastrea.
They had an initial print of 500 and have given away (free) some 470 – This project was funded by The Glassmoor Wind Turbine Fund – administered by Fenland District Council.

During the year they take a small demonstration out to the public – the next one will be at:
The Park Farm Thorney – Week-end event Sat 8th & Sun 9th June….see more details:-

Why not come along to The AGM – Help protect Whittlesey’s unique history/heritage.
At Whittlesey Town Hall 5th June @ 10:30 Market Street Whittlesey – Upstairs.

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