Good Neighbours Update

Some neighbours are becoming concerned about The Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on elderly peoples doors. They are doing nothing illegal and have like other religious groups being carrying out these activities for many years.
Signs of doors and windows informing of ‘No Cold Callers’ may help.
A spy-eye glass through the door in order to see who maybe at the door.
A CCTV system or doorbell with a mini-camera may help.
Or as many people do – just not answer the door.
If you do so, politely say you’re not interested and close the door.
Of course if you are interested in what they have to offer or say – that is your decision.

A very convincing ‘scam message’ sent to SR purported to have come from ‘Argos’™ –
There are a couple of give-aways – why not come along to the ‘Free Scams Session’ – this Wednesday at 7pm – Whittlesey Town Council Offices – as advertised here previously.
Fortunately SR checked with Argos – and it was a ‘Scam’
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