Whittlesey Town Council – Wednesday 08th May 2019

On Wednesday 08th May – There will be A Parish Assembly & Annual Council Meeting –
Start time 19:00.
An agenda will be coming on Tuesday 07th May.

As I have stated earlier, after an election, those who have been ‘elected’ do not officially become ‘councillors’ until 4 days later – then those ‘elected’ have to sign a ‘Declaration of Office’ prior to the commencement of the meetings, those ‘elected’ also will be given a ‘Register of Interests’ document for completion – these are public documents.

For the residents of St Marys Ward South – as your elected representative I will be attending Wednesday’s meeting, if for any reason I cannot attend meetings, I will have someone on my behalf (a member of the public) listening in or a making representation
should that be necessary.

So that there in no confusion or ambiguity below is a map of the DC2/St Marys Ward South – (©FDC) – Whittlesey Town Council.

Formally St Marys Ward, due to Boundary changes – now consists of St Mary’s North and St Mary’s South.

(St Marys South being inside the Black boundary line)
(Click on picture below to enlarge)

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