Crime Update II

Whilst ‘some’ on social media (you know who) are whining about the Police giving out parking tickets and have nothing better to do….
Sorry but you (you know who) are completely wrong again, I have explained so many times how the ‘Parking System’ works in Fenland as opposed to the rest of Cambridgeshire.
Parking is the most complained about subject for years at Town Council, Neighbourhood Watch, Police Forums and FDC Safer Partnership.
Simple do not park illegally and you will not receive a ticket.
The Police treat parking as a low priority and only target when there are no other incidents going on.

By the way whilst the whiners carry on…think about this…

Local Officers have been dealing with the misuse of the 999 system. So far this month the control room has received hoax 526 calls from our area.
This stretches Police resources.

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