Good Business Forum Meeting…

Although only 12 members in attendance, the meeting was informative, there are at present 35 paid up members of the WBF, there are over 100 businesses in the area.
The Forum have a new secretary Kerry Ogden.
A presentation by ‘Bull Funeral Directors’ was good and Rebecca told us that Bull’s started in 1904. One long time employee Mark Green is now working in the Peterborough branch.
During the Q&A – I asked why ‘Cardboard Casket’ cost more than a Wooden one – and she replied it was supply and demand with only a small amount of Cardboard ones produced.

Deborah Slater founder of ‘Defibrillators for All’ has become a fantastic success for Whittlesey and surrounding area’s, they need to raise in the region of £10,000 in the next year, it takes now some £5,000 just to maintain the defibrillators. The charity is now 5 years old and has made a difference to saving lives on several occasions.
The AGM is to be held on 10th April 2019 @ 7pm anyone is welcome – please contact Deborah via their website

Treasurer Cllr Eamonn Dorling gave an update of Whittlesey Railway Station, he had attended a meeting recently of the Community Rail Partnership (Or what ever they are called now) – simply – don’t hold your breath!….

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