Report on the WTC Meeting Wednesday 13th March 2019

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

The agenda for the meeting was published on this website 12th March – below.
Councillors present with the exception of Cllrs Wicks & Curtis who gave apologies, Cllr Garratt no apologies. County Councillor David Connor present.
Chair – Cllr Windle reminded Cllrs of no repeating or deviating from the agenda items.

There were 10 members of the public, no would be ‘new’ candidates standing for WTC election were present!!!!.
F43/19 The main interest was the presentation by Persimmon Homes™ representatives Ann Dew and Ben Purdy, you can tell how interested they were by the photograph’s!
They explained that the project is well advanced, and it is my understanding that they want to clear the way – to be able to begin on the Showfields site asap.

A fairly short review on the project was given, and then questions from the councillors….Cllr Mrs Mayor questioned direct about the historical issues of flood risk and especially concerns over Teal Road & Kingfisher Road – Mr Purdy seemed to ‘fudge’ the answer by stating that Anglian Water had been fully consulted about drainage and flood risk in conjunction with the Environment Agency. Mr Purdy stated the 1 in a hundred/thousand year scenario – which we local people know is not quite correct.
Cllr Boden questioned about how/who the management company is to be formed and under what remit would they operate….No conclusive answer.
Unfortunately there was no one from the ex Showfields action group in attendance.
Some half good news given was that all traffic going on site will be coming from the B1040 and NOT from Teal Road. There is to be a S106 contribution of £1.7 million towards education, transport etc.
The plan is to start the first phase of around 80 houses within a few months.
220 houses, with xxxx amount of vehicles all coming out onto the B1040/Thorney Road –
We will wait and see what the effects are.
I am sure many have read press reports about Persimmon Homes and I will not comment.

F44/19 Police report was given to councillors and to Whittlesey NHW members. Cllr Butcher stated there had been a number of incidents in the Coates area, he was unsure whether they had all been reported.

F47/19 Public Forum 3 speakers, covered inconsiderate bad parking in Eastrea, new rules regarding cattery’s and planning concerns.

F50/19 Consultations – included another recent ‘Transport Plan’ which both Cllrs Boden and Laws commented about the HGV issues and pollution concerns of the A605 – this consultation will be going into the public domain, for the public to comment on – it will be important for Whittlesey residents to have their say – more to follow.

Cllr Boden – brought up again issues concerning parking….and stated that Police were not that interested in addressing and that ‘decriminalisation’ of parking was maybe an option.
(Please see my article presented to Whittlesey Business Forum regarding the options in/around parking issues in Whittlesey)
Also see article on Whittlesey NHW site about Rules & Regs concerning parking
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Cllr Laws – Neighbourhood Plan – on-going Draft Policies and then a Public Referendum
Cllr Mason – Property working group, re new council offices – appears that nearly all the contingency money may be used for the ‘Boiler’ – on-going… Work is hoped to start Mid-April.

Date of next meeting – Wednesday 10th April.

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