Another Local Lady targeted Scam/Fraud

Here is one of the latest, which has an interesting twist…

You may want to warn your followers of a phone call I received purporting to come from Tesco Bank to advise me of a possible fraudulent withdrawal of £250.00 for  BMW from my Tesco internet bank account.
The “operator ”started to ask me security questions which eventually  included my Username,  I was very suspicious at this and told her so, so she gave me that information!  The conversation went on for about 15mins, it was on my mobile, in a parked car,  I asked for her name and said I was going to hang up which I did.  I then phoned the number on my bank card and when I eventually got through to Tesco, I spent another 15mins with them as they tried to see if the call had come from them and they eventually confirmed it had not, her knowing my username was the giveaway.

My card has been cancelled and I await a replacement,  there have been no unauthorised withdrawals and I have changed all my logging in procedures.
I can now see how easy it is to be scammed, the initial reaction is shock, and then fear and this is what they work on.  “Elaine” was very pleasant and reassuring and I nearly fell for it.
When I checked my mobile phone the callers number did not show up,  next time I will call them on a different phone before I give any information out.

The ‘twist’ being that they claimed to know her ‘Username’ – this can happen especially if the fraudsters have done a lot of research on you….they will know the names of your Pets/Children/Grand Children and various memorable dates…. and sometime they ‘hit’ on the right one.
Put the phone down – and use a different phone to call your Bank/Building Society from the number on the back of you card – at this stage a 5 minute delay will make little difference.

If you have been targeted – let me know, I won’t publish your name – but the more information we know about the better I can inform people.

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