Some Concerns over Momo ?

Momo character involved in suicide game.

Are you aware of the Momo challenge?

Momo is a creepy doll-like figure which is said to appear in social media, videos and games online, encouraging children to add a contact on WhatsApp. It then sends them violent images and dangerous dares.

Recent UK media reports have linked the Momo challenge to self-harm and suicide. However, there are relatively few reports of children having participated in the challenge, and it’s unclear as to the extent of the concern. What is clear, is that a lot of people are worried about it, but instances of harm seem very rare.

The Momo challenge is not new, having appeared around the world during the summer of last year, it appears that an incident in Scotland involving an 8 year old boy may have been seized upon by mainstream UK newspapers.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland have suggested that amongst those behind the Momo challenge, may be cyber criminals intent of obtaining personal information.

Kidscape a national charity to prevent bullying and harm to young people, they have prepared some online advice to parents in relation to the Momo challenge.
Please note, this is not an official Cambridgeshire Police comment on the Momo challenge, but as Cyber Ambassadors you may or may not be asked about it during your presentation.

See also The Guardian’ – Parents: don’t panic about Momo – worry about YouTube Kids Instead.
One turns out to be a viral hoax. The other is a major platform that is still rife with distressing and disturbing content…

Read The Guardian article: The Guardian Feb 28th

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