Cllr Steve Garratt to retire

As per my post on the 26th & 30th January on the Whittlesey Town Councillors who will NOT be standing for re-election in this coming May’s local elections.

I could say ‘another’ long time serving Whittlesey/Fenland District Councillor has decided to retire, however there are ‘some’ reports he may not…..He is NOT been selected to run for the conservative group either in Whittlesey or FDC, and rumour/reports are he may run as an Independent candidate and I don’t like rumours…..
When I asked him some months ago of his plans – his answer was ‘He wanted his life back, and had done enough years as a councillor’
So for the time being I’ll say he is retiring.
Cllr Steve Garratt’s attendances at Council meetings has been somewhat dismal to say the least, hardly ever turning up at Full Council meetings over the past 18 months.

Photo WTC/RWT Photo

I’ve heard his fellow councillors are none too pleased about it – but what did they do about it….!!!!! Farewell Steve – enjoy your retirement?

More to come…..



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