Local Elections – FDC -Whittlesey

Well I am honoured to be asked by many – what is the latest in respect of the Whittlesey area’s in of local elections – with now less than 100 days left before the May elections, I am pleased there is some ‘interest’. Yes I do know who are /where and how some candidates are standing locally, most of the conservative group, some of the labour group and some of the green party group.
By me publicising the internal disagreements + arguments which have and on-going benefits no one – and I maintain my position as being ‘Independent’ for which I am proud of being.

It makes no difference at this stage who or where various candidates are standing, what does make the or difference is how the electorate vote on Polling Day.

I always urge everyone to use their vote – I’ll not harp on about the Facebook Crowd – who are for-ever having a go at politicians – Stand up and be counted then – see if you could do any better – I doubt very much if that will happen.

There are a number of Councillors who will not be seeking re-election/selection for various reasons, some just want to ‘retire’ and some have ‘had enough’ arguments internally within their groups – and some on health grounds – that is their decision.

Some retiring Councillors have worked very hard and diligently for the electorate for many years – without a great deal of thanks for the time and effort they have put in.
Some have lost the plot and interest – and have not only been a poor front for their political party but really an insult to their electorate for whom they should represent.
What I can disclose at present is that the Conservative Group are very well advanced though out Fenland in progressing towards the May elections, they are well organised and well financed and have the most councillors (All bar one in Whittlesey) and on Fenland District Council.
Will there be a change come May – Sorry no one has that crystal ball – but I doubt if there will be any UKIP candidates !!!

Anyway plenty of time for more debate and discussion and need I say little about the
‘Brexit factor’

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