Growth for Fenland – Not From Facebook

After yet more ‘gongs’ on Facebook™ – the forever misinformation and spreading of rumours, Don’t they just like it – so last week rumour mongerers (with of course the usual ‘Brown envelope’ accusations – Ha – about £500,000 coming our way to Whittlesey – this stirred all sorts of comments and untruths…..

As I explained NO this is not the case – and The Mayor of the combined authority has funded 3 market towns to the tune of £50,000 (each)
(for FB™ people I spell fifty thousand pounds) 

Below is the October plan – yes it is a ‘bit’ heavy reading – but contains all YOU need to know about the project – The result for Whittlesey should be known sometime in March 2019.
GROWING FENLAND - PROJECT DELIVERY - updated 22.10.18Growing Fenland Stakeholder Workshop Write-Up

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