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Updated 170119 – 07:50
Just don’t get it – FB™ rumours for-ever – ‘Did you hear’ someone ran out of Jones Butchers without paying, must have been travellers – it transpires to be ‘Untrue’ – there are some very lonely people out there who need help. Councillors and myself are constantly trying to get ‘Facts’ into the public domain and it is getting somewhat tiring to say the least.

Today being Chris Fitzjohn’s funeral is being discussed – no problem, but I wonder how many people actually sat down with Chris and spoke at length with him – I did on many occasions – over many years he was more astute than many give him credit for.
As I’ve said before, if your treated him Ok – he would do the same for you – I was always welcome to his encampment for a cuppa. RIP

The Police have issued their own statement on Fenland Policing FB Page:
Regarding Social Networking trying to frighten the public.

This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of the Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival.
This event is run and managed extremely well every year by the event organizers.
A policing presence both in the daytime and in the evening.

 Chris Fitzjohn’s Funeral.
There will be a large funeral cortège. Please be patient for those attending to pay their respects.

Sgt Lugg Fenland PolicingI am aware that there are rumors circulating around the possibility of disorder. There are also rumors that the police have requested all businesses and licensed premises in the town to shut for the day.
We do not have the power to request or enforce this. Nor would we want to.
Please be alive to the number of untruths being circulated in the community designed only to cause no alarm.
# sgt1867 # FENLANDNPT

(RG) I do not have a Facebook Account because of the reasons stated above – I have friends that look at all the locally community websites for me.

Another rumour this week, Whittlesey is to get £500,000 – wrong wrong wrong – nothing of the sorts.
The funding is explained below and Whittlesey is the next town to have this review completed (March 2019 is being promoted). It is a bit of a ‘wish list’ again…..
But with a more practical achievable outcome.

Funding totalling £150,000 is being invested in Fenland as part of ambitious plans to bring jobs, infrastructure and growth to market towns across Cambridgeshire.

March, Chatteris and Whittlesey are among nine towns in the county to have received a share of £150,000 (£50,000 each) from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) to help them create Masterplans for Growth.
Following the successful creation of a Masterplan for Growth for St Neots last year, the nine new masterplans will revitalise the market towns and enable them to become, and remain, vibrant and thriving places in their own right.

The schemes will be developed over the next two years, with plans for March, Chatteris, Whittlesey, Littleport and St Ives being undertaken between April and December this year, and plans for Ramsey, Ely, Soham and Huntingdon being developed in 2019.

James Palmer, Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, said: “I’m delighted that after the early success of the St Neots – Masterplan we’re able to announce the next five. Market Towns form the backbone of our county and I’m keen for the Combined Authority to work with them to set out their ambitions for the future.

“Since the Masterplan for St Neots was first launched last summer the steering group has been established and over £5 million has been committed to the town. I hope that progress is as swift with the other plans and that it’s not too long until people start to see results on the ground.”
A Partnership Team for each market town will be brought together by Fenland District Council, assisted by the CPCA, to enable public, private and community representatives to collectively engage the wider community and businesses gather evidence and generate ideas, with the support of specialist consultants.

Combined Authority and our local communities, to come up with bold ambitions for the future growth of these towns.”

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