At tonights Council Meeting

On the agenda (See Jan 04th Posting) there is an application @ Saxon Pit to continue the importation of controlled inert waste for buttressing, stabilisation and restoration of the site. Readers may remember this site being high-lighted earlier this year when residents complained of ‘smells’ –
A short up date being that several Whittlesey Town Councillors were invited to visit the site, I also was invited and went to see the site.
East Midland Waste gave a presentation on their plans to the Whittlesey Business Forum.

Since then there has not been a great deal in the public domain, however the Environment Agency have been involved and have for a time suspended importation of waste.
Local Councillors, along with several residents and MP Steve Barclay receiving communication from the Environment Agency.

There are now accusations going around about what might or might not be in the old Saxon Pit – Let me say that the accusations are serious indeed – but we as public do not have the means or knowledge to prove – this is the job of the EA.
Social Media is very confused sometimes between Fact and Fiction.

Accusations are one thing proof and evidence is another.

This Pit is enormous is size and has the potential to take a great deal of (inert) waste, and when a similar scheme was proposed about 10 years ago, I asked the County Councillor at the time (Cllr Ralph Butcher) why – since we were taking this waste an Environment Tax of £1 per Cubic Metres could be imposed – this had the potential of raising several £Millions for local projects –
I was met with bewilderment and almost shock to have suggested such a thing…..did it happen NO

We await as we should for our Council to discuss this planning application and if they have been approached by residents about the potential issues – should raise this at tonight’s meeting.

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