It’s Been A Good News Week – Month & Year!

For me, I can say that my lobbying forever about subject(s) which many of us are seriously passionate about are at long last coming in with good results.
The latest news that at long last our  ‘slow’ Government is waking up to the scourge of Plastics in our environment and the damage it is doing not only to us humans but marine, animals and plants.
There is future generations to consider.
Unfortunately China, India and the US need to make some contributions.

There are various conflicting figures around, but in essence, although single use plastic bags have been reduced, there has been a big rise in plastic so called Bags for Life – which of course they are not.
Still we are headed in the right direction – and 10p NO I would rather see £1 a bag to deter the usage – remember the Government takes a VAT element from the ‘Plastic Tax’ @ 17½‰

Other good news again hopefully there will be an introduction of a deposit scheme on Plastic Bottles – with Cans and Coffee Pods which is being looked at – Our Government forever holding consultations which takes years.
This coming year will we !!!! – see the long awaited Kings Dyke Bridge start construction, many of our more recent Councillors – who to give some credit have pushed and lobbied after the initial Ex Cllr Nick Clarke proposed the scheme in 2013 – many of ‘us’ have been lobbying and going to meetings for years – to keep the scheme highlighted – We ‘few’ of course will take no credit for our work that we have contributed.

Most of us want to live in a safe and clean town, with decent facilities to support our growing population, – this will all be challenging to say the least in the coming year(s).
Local elections are coming in May, and what I would ask you – the electorate before making your mind up ‘who’ to vote for – is to ask – what has the candidate done for your town/village so far. Many of our current Councillors have done fantastic work and I would not say otherwise – however there are a number who have done very little indeed.
Those ‘new’ candidates – again I would ask the same question – What have ‘they’ done to help our community – the call is naturally yours.
Parking charges at hospitals has again just been highlighted and you may have seen my many articles here over the years on this subject – I raised it at this years AGM of our own Clinical Commissioning Group – to sorry to say fell on ‘Deaf Ears’ – I shall carry on….

For the year end – I am so sorry and upset to see that Japan is to start commercial Whale Hunting again – there is no need for this except their gluttony.
Whales are mammals like humans, they have their young live and do not harm anything to do with humans. Japans disrespect of the IWC is an insult in the same way that the USA will not sign up to environmental treaties.
Of course I know there are other countries which hunt Whales – but not to the commercial extent that Japan does.
My personal stance on the Whaling issue has again be very long term – have I ever owned a Japanese Car –NO – not ever – because of my belief of the Whaling Issues – I would be economical if I said I have never bought anything Japanese – but I do make a very conscious decision(s) whenever I purchase something of value as to where/how/who made it.

Having travelling to 124 countries in my life, many ask where is the best place – I would like to say Whittlesey England – but the world yesterday is not the same as the world will be tomorrow.
My thanks for reading of my articles – my contact details are on the top toolbar and I am always open for discussion or debate or even some support please.

Finally – read the header ‘Its Good News Week’  was a song by Hedgehoppers Anonymous – Band members came from RAF Wittering and although some controversy about whether they sang on the recording – one member came from Whittlesey.

Lets hope there are a few more Good News Weeks to come this year.
Wishing my many readers a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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