Parking Issues – Lots of Feedback

The Very Emotive Issue – Parking….. Posted on 30th NovemberClick Here to see
Has provoked a lot a ‘mainly’ positive feedback – in that the issue needs addressing – as it has done on many occasions….My article will be circulated amongst The Whittlesey Business Forum members for them to discuss and possibly lead a lobby to our Councils/Councillors (January’s Meeting)

In the meantime a correspondent sent me the following :-

For some drivers, parking on the pavement comes as second nature. For others, it’s a complete nuisance. Now new research reveals the UK has a near perfect 50/50 split on the issue. Half the country thinks that we should ban pavement parking while the other thinks we should allow it.

Research shows that 1 in 10 drivers park daily on the pavement which equates to about 3 million a day leading to the government potentially planning to act and create a nationwide ban on pavement parking.

Change in law

Back in 1974 when the Road Traffic Act was created, pavement parking was made illegal and never enacted. This was mainly due to high contention from multiple organisations and pressure from citizens; it was ultimately repealed in 1991 and pavement parking, aside from a few spots namely London and other major cities.

Now over 40 years later, the Scottish Government has under their new Transport bill allowed local governments to fine for pavement parking. Along with some areas in London, at the minute these are the only places one cannot park on the pavement.

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