Allaying Fears of Crime in our Area

I am addressing the concerns and issues that have yet again reared up on social media – Here in Whittlesey, in respect of crime, fear of crime and the reporting of crime.
As I have posted on many occasions – Crime in our area is low to medium in comparison to other nearby areas – We are not crime free and this is constantly pointed out to our Police.
I/we & Whittlesey Town Council receive a comprehensive report every month from our Neighbourhood – Sergeant Lugg with what his team have been prioritising and focusing on, they are involved in many other aspects of Law & Order besides what is in the report.
Want to know what is in it – then join up with NHW by going to OurWatch Website and registering – simple 5 minutes.

Next there has been chatter about forming Street Patrols – well those who would like to do so please be aware and informed :- Want to know more – ;-;-;-    Ask Me…..

In Wisbech some 2 years ago local (Wisbech) Councillor Steve Tierney took it upon himself to organise and form a sort of ‘Street Warden Group’
At the outset he did not consult with the Police, and he financed ‘Yellow Reflective Jackets’ Torches etc….

This ‘group’ would the patrol around Wisbech town centre and help/give advice/directions etc to anyone who approached them – all sounds good.
Within a very short time – one Saturday evening the small group of ‘Street Wardens’ were accosted by some drunken louts in the town centre, they called for the Police as they felt threatened, unfortunately the Police could not respond as they had other higher demands at that time. Shortly afterwards the Street Warden Group disbanded.
There is another major issue – ‘Insurance’  – The Street Wardens’ had NO Public Liability Insurance and NO Personal Accident Insurance, so if they or anyone connected with them had an ‘accident’ or was involved in a physical aspect – then they were NOT covered.

An example of how things work being, when-ever events take place in Whittlesey -say
The Straw Bear Festival – the organisers + Stallholders all have to have Public Liability Insurance or they are not allowed to attend – that means everyone.

Neighbourhood Watch is a Nationally recognised group, fully constituted and ‘Fully Insured’ to carry out their work, and fully supported by ALL Police Authorities and Police & Crime Commissioners throughout the UK.

Whipping up emotions on Social Media seems to be the norm these days – but please I don’t like crime either – but we have to work with our Law Enforcement Agencies and not encourage vigilante groups.


The next meeting of Whittlesey Neighbourhood Watch will be on:-
Thursday 13th November at 7:00pm at Grosvenor House
(Whittlesey Town Council Offices) – side door up the stairs – you are welcome to come along.
Our local Neighbourhood PCSO plans to attend.

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