Live Update CA Committee Meeting

12:25 Further details coming this evening.

12:06 Vote passed the money is coming the Bridge will happen.

12:02 CCC Steve Count speaks in favour of scheme.

12:00 Cllr Holdich PCC Leader speaks in support of the scheme.

11:56 Complex of scheme was understated.

11:55 Land acquisition costs being questioned.

11:50 ! Questions about how/why costs have increased significantly.

11:45 Kings Dyke level crossing debate begins.

11:25 WTC Councillor Windle arrives @ meeting.

11:15 Major infrastructure of the duelling of the A47 – Guyhirn roundabout being an issue.

11:00 The meeting is in progress.

10:40 WTC/FDC/CCC Councillor Chris Boden arrives @ meeting.

10:30 Myself & WTC Councillor Eamonn Dorling @ meeting from Whittlesey.



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