Oh Dear – The ‘New’ Solar Lighting @ Whittlesey Railway Station.

Further to my previous posting about the much lauded and publicized installation of ‘Solar Cats Eyes’ – here is what we have for £15,000.
Serious questions need to be asked about ‘Value for Money’ – ‘We’ who asked for better lighting at the station were under the impression that ‘overhead lighting’ would be installed.
The picture I am sure illustrates what we have been given – The money came from – You guess – The Mayor for the Combined Authority – who generously supported this.
With the Funding of the Whittlesey/Kings Dyke Railway Bridge being discussed tomorrow – Another question might be asked that with the costs now £30 Million+ is this good value for money.

Consultants Skanska say it is……
Here is what you may see….

My correspondent writes:-
I visited the station this evening to see for myself the highly publicised safety lighting. I was singularly underwhelmed by a series of solar powered cats eyes that had been portrayed as a significant improvement. They are ineffective and not what was required, at roughly £20 a light, they cost 10 times that for installation and to say safety has been improved is nonsense, anyone parking or accessing the area would not be able to identify a potential threat. I anticipated a set of lamp posts using LED lamps powered by one or more PV panels powering a battery storage system. For a lower cost I have had 12 panels installed generating up to 4kW plus battery storage of 5kW, but a set of lights need not be that sophisticated so how come it was not considered as good as 35 pairs of low performance floor mounted cats eyes, is this as much as we can expect in Whittlesey?

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