Kings Dyke Bridge – Reports & Findings….

As previously published on this site earlier this week, The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority under Mayor James Palmer have a meeting this Wednesday.
(I will be attending) To ‘hopefully’ make a decision on ‘Funding’ of the project.
The agenda has been published and is a very comprehensive meeting it looks to be.

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Item 2.5 late on of the meeting covers The Kings Dyke Crossing, you will note is says
‘Closure’ – which to me means a decision will be made.
There some 14 pages of information the committee have as their pre-meeting read-up pack/information.

Then there is a 78 page report from SKANSKA the consultants who are supplying facts/figures/ demographics and a business case – Heavy reading indeed if you have a day or two…..
For the project to get approval from the Committee there will need to be a 60/40 majority in favour of approval…..


I will be there to hopefully see history made…..!!!!!

2.5 A605 Kings Dyke Level Crossing Closure Mayor Key 72-85
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