Local crime is on a bit of an increase over the past few weeks, both reported and unreported.
Through the night last night we have had 2 reported crimes.

A business burglary at the New Rd Recycling Centre in which the gate was forced open and car batteries have been stolen. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to obtain a better time frame.

Also there has been a reported theft on Eastrea Rd building site in which materials have been stolen. Again we are unable to provide a time frame.

Patrols will be on-going throughout

Many Thanks
PCSO Shane Green

There has been a number of Bicycle thefts, even when the cycle has been chained up.
Invest in a really good chain and lock, be careful where you leave your bicycle.
That said I was informed today that one of the Paperboys left his bicycle outside Parkers Newsagents and within ‘minutes’ his Bicycle had gone.
It is very much looking like one person could be responsible for these crimes.

Finally, there has been National news about a scam going around (Not new) about Scammer(s) taking control over your Camera and then trying to ‘bribe’ people into paying them NOT to release would be sensitive footage recorded by them.
Never Pay – you will end up Paying for ever – your details will passed on to other Scammers.
There are ways to get around this and I have helped a couple of people in the area.
Below is an example of what was sent this week….

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