Trends this week…..

I suppose the only real news was that the Kings Dyke Bridge project is to cost a great deal more than anyone had anticipated.
On reflection after getting over the shock, remembering that there had been a public consultation on which of the three schemes offered – the public wanted and most including me, chose the scheme which we told was the most expensive.
At some stage we will find out what the land cost to purchase, any if anyone out there with knowledge and qualifications can tell us what the delay of over 4 years might have cost.
We again patiently wait for the next meetings to see whether Metro Mayor Palmer will indeed cough up all or part of the shortfall(s)….he has a great deal to gain politically if and when he comes for re-election, as do our own County Councillors should the Bridge works begin before the next elections.
Some fantastic local events supporting the MacMillan Foundation with their ‘coffee mornings’ – well done and thank you all for the hard work putting on these events.

A Mile High – that would be on land – at the GrandFather Mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway….

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