Cambs & Peterboro CCG AGM

Annual General Meeting of The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group @ The Fleet Centre Fletton Peterborough last night (18th)
Only 20 attendees, of which maybe only 2 or 3 was members of the public.
The CCG covers 960,000 people so I would say very sparsely attended.
Maybe no one is interested in how this £1.2 Billion monolith is run or governed.
Most people are only interested in being able to access a doctor with a timely appointment.
I did attend, and you are welcome to read all 115 pages of Annual report and accounts! – I can supply the document.
So lets get to the main points:-
Dr Gary Howsen is the Chairman of the group (Whittlesey/New Queen Street Surgery Doctor), remains in position, there have been 6 predecessors!
Jan Thomas is the new Chief Officer
New Financial Officers
It would appear the time span of senior personnel is pretty short.
A good delivery by Dr Howsen kept it short to the point and understandable.
There are still serious concerns/issues about ‘overspend’ the ‘target’ being £35 – £45 Million (Budget being £1:2 Billion).
The CCG employs 300 personnel to manage this vast budget.
The CCG is rated as #14 out of 200 CCG’s in ‘Cancer Care’ – one very good result.

There are very big challenges for the CCG to deliver and getting to grips with the for-ever overspend (as many other do as well).
As patients, Dr Howsan said this was his first priority, but at the same time trying to help patients – help themselves if possible.
Many other topics were covered and I have done articles in the past – about how the NHS can save money, example being ‘pain-killers’ Paracetamol’ – 99p over the counter, but for a GP to issue a prescription, the chemist to dispense it cost well over £40 (Dr Howsan).








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