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Official news to me – Cllr Steve Garratt is retiring from his Councillor role, I have known for a while, but he has now told me personally.
Although Cllr Garratt’s attendance has been somewhat poor over the past 12/18 months, he remains focused with ‘Music on The Square’ and I can confirm that the events will take place again next year 2019.

Steve informed me that he has been a Councillor for some 24 years and has seen Whittlesey gets some good projects achieved – for example the refurbishment of The Manor Leisure Centre.
Steve said after 24 years – he wants his life back.

Along with Steve there will be at least 4 other Whittlesey Town Councillors not standing at next May’s local elections… plenty of opportunities for the Social Networking Keyboard Warriors who have all the answers in putting things right – lets wait and see who will put up or shut up!

All fun at our Fun Fair this afternoon with a steady number of youngsters enjoying themselves.

Reverend Nigel informs me that my article about
Tic-Toc The Clock has stopped…. is due to a ‘Pigeon’ problem….
The feathers misfits have got into some of the workings of the Clock.
Also whilst the Steeple Jacks were up the spire they happened to find more expensive work that needs doing….

Our newest shop opening was doing very brisk business this morning I am told, with customers grabbing the latest offers, still I saw that toothpaste was all of 1p cheaper at Savers…..
However by the time I passed by in the afternoon, the alarm was going at full decibels – it would appear no one knew how to reset it….
There are bargains to be had I am told, which for us customers is good for competition.
I dare say this will be at our other retailers cost.

Just look what is coming in the near future – A fantastic piece of nostalgic history loaned to me by Pauline R….

The official opening of ‘The Sir Harry Smith Secondary School Whittlesey’

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