WTC Planning Meeting – Wednesday 05th September 2018

Disclaimer: These observations are not the ‘official’ minutes of the meeting, these are supplied by Whittlesey Town Council, normally (1) month following the meeting and can be viewed on their website.

With 25 applications on the agenda, this was a busy meeting.
Whittlesey Town Council (Councillors) are consultee’s to the applications and the final decision makers are Fenland District Council (Planning Committee).
Whittlesey TC can make recommendations, give reasons and ask for restrictions – FDC may or may not take their advice/recommendations.
There are a number of Whittlesey (District Councillors) who sit on FDC Planning Committee.

At last nights meeting just myself and Mr Stephen Hodson in attendance as members of the public.
Public Forum: Mr Hodson informed the WTC Planning Committee, that Mr Peter Grice, a local businessman was investing a great deal of money within the town and should be commended – the latest project being ‘The Monastery’ on Market Street – many may have read of the findings of 17th century wall paintings within the building and these we are told are of national importance – Mr Grice is putting up a substantial amount of money to preserve these paintings in situ.
Mr Hodson commented on the positive application for a ‘new’ enlarged school at New Road School.
(RG) I reiterated the comments made about Mr Grice’s investments within the area.
I brought to the attention of the committee, the question of proposed Section 106 payments that Larkfleet Homes had made during their planning application and subsequent approval.
I asked whether Larkfleet had discharged any of these obligations.
I will expand on this in my next article.

Most of the plans submitted were recommended for approval, there are concerns that when tree’s are felled that they should be replaced.

F/YR18/0754/FDL Change of use from Taxi Office to Dog Grooming business (retrospective) at Swift Cabs – There was several questions that the committee wished to have clarified – where does the waste go, where does the waste water get discharged.
The business is at present in operation.

F/2009/18/CC Development of a primary school from 6 classrooms to 14 classrooms at New Road School. Good debate took place and the committee recommended ‘Refusal‘ on the grounds of Road Safety and infrastructure around the site.

Briefly, the school will be greatly enlarged which is welcomed and needed, however, there will be ‘loss’ of parking spaces (Teacher increases) and no provision for Parents to drop off their children, or for ‘Buses’ to safely drop off children from outlaying area’s.
This has a big safety impact, there is no ‘protected safe crossing of the road (New Road or Bellmans Road). WTC are asking for these safety measures to be considered.

Next meeting Monday 17th September 2018

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