Another Scam Telephone Call

Female victim was called from a number 01233 281367 which is a Ashford number and as of this morning was still active.
The victim was told she owed the Tax and Revenue and legal action was being taken to recover the amount if she did not pay up fairly quickly.
Fortunately the lady did not do so, and eventually put the phone down.
The victim shared the information with a ‘trusted friend’ who advised her that this was a scam, this has left the victim somewhat distressed.

Can I ask again, that if you are talking with your neighbours and friends that they are made aware of this type of scam. Most people are ‘savvy’ enough to know whether they may be liable for tax or not, but there are some in our community that are not so ‘savvy’

Have a 5 minute read of ‘Which Magazines’ article on Tax Scams… click on the link below.

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