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Lets get some good news out of the way – finally (I hope) – Ramsey Road will be resurfaced and ‘some’ of the dangerous humps and bumps sorted out near ‘Here comes Harris’ –
The road has always suffered from subsidence due to drying out of the soil….. there are materials which other countries use ‘RoadCem’ -…….-……..-……        Watch Video
That can sort out issues like we are having, this has been put to Cambs Highways – who as per usual are not prepared to even have a trial of this material….
The work is now due to start next week (03/09/18) after some nearly 2 years of delays……!

After nearly 12 months of campaigning and complaining – our Zebra Crossings are due a lick of paint – now all is not as simple as that – Cambs Highways need to send men to measure up the Zebra – and then calculate how much paint will be needed – well I never –

Nice ‘jollies’ for those @ Highways considering they do most other jobs/work by desk top calculations….
I would have thought Zebra’s were a standard size?
Still after all my lobbying I should not be complaining – lets see what sort of job they do.

Now we come to the almost ‘weekly’ hearsay (which I do not subscribe) – I was informed that there were more on-going issues regarding the Kings Dyke Bridge Crossing.
I also have the ‘latest’ and only issue of The Stonald Ward Matters that councillors have delivered to that area (more later) – which brings their ward residents more or less up to date of what’s happening at the negotiation table –
I agree there can not be a running commentary on day-to-day events surrounding this project – however after some 5 – yes 5 years of protracted negotiations there should have been better communication for ALL concerned instead of ‘hearsay/social fake news’.
Others (including councillors) have told me – the whole project should have been handled differently.
As my updates (on a regular basis) confirm – there will be a statement towards the end of September from Cambs CC – When a much better idea of the ‘Costs’ of the project may well be know – (My guess is it will make eyes water -)

Ken C

Good to see ‘my’ and our good friend Kenny Carrington back at work after a protracted time off work due to an illness – Kenny and ‘his’ workers at The Community Payback Team’ do fantastic work in/around our area…. Nice to have a good talk and catch up with him today….
Government ‘politics’ have not always worked well – and hiving off parts of the probation services has not worked well in some areas. Kenny informs me that our area is doing fairly well….
That said of 30 ‘customers who was supposed to turn up to do their ‘Payback’ – only 8 arrived – the others knowing there is not much redress if they do not turn up….





Don’t forget St Andrews Fete on Bank Holiday Monday – hopefully the weather will hold up..

A nice few days away last week for Connie and I @ Hintlesham Hall in Suffolk.

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