Trolls on Local Social Media are WRONG

I have been asked to comment about the ‘postings’ on local Whittlesey Social Media in regards to the invitation by Whittlesey Town Council to support (2) Syrian Refugee families.
I have reported here on my site several times when this has been discussed at WTC meetings – I have reported what was said and what I heard – I made NO comment.
I think it is dangerous for The Trolls (many hiding behind anonymity) to post what I am told (I do not do Social Media for these reasons of ‘trolling) is tantamount to being ‘racist’.

As I  have said before, it won’t be too long before some of these people will be prosecuted.

I believe that Social Media has a very good useful place in society if used sensibly.
The ‘possibility’ of Syrian refugees is still yet to be finalised, there is NO cost the local ratepayer and is funded by the ‘Tax-Payer’ via central government.
I fully accept and agree there can be ‘robust’ debate on whether Syrian refugees come to Whittlesey or anywhere else – but being ‘racist’ doesn’t come into the equation.
Having ‘polls’ on Social Media on emotive subjects only whips up the situation.

Having reported the plans several months ago, I am somewhat surprised it has taken so long for these ‘trolls’ to catch up – I don’t read them, and am not bothered whether they read me or not. ( I have friends that monitor other sites for me)

I report and comment on what I see and hear first hand by attending many meetings daily, weekly and monthly – my several thousand daily readers know this, you may not necessarily agree with what my comments are – you are always welcome to contact me and discuss the situation.

I do not hide behind anonymity and do not make spurious comments or postings, I have written about ‘Trolling’ and Anti-Social behaviour on many occasions.

My qualification to make comments about Syrian refugees are that ‘I’ have been to many war torn countries suffering conflict from Vietnam in the early 70’s to supporting NATO forces in Kosovo in the late 90’s – I have seen first hand the suffering of peoples around the world, hunger and devastation – I hope no one has to witness these wars like I done.

Whittlesey Town Council discussed this at their meetings I was there – The Trolls were NOT.

RG (1973) supporting the Red Cross.

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